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Packaged tea in pyramid tea bags

Discover the new variety of Groz Premium tea creations.

Made from selected raw materials and manufactured in-house.

The modern pyramid tea bag promises a new look and a full enjoyment experience.

The optimized network structure ensures a lively exchange of water and a better development of the tea's taste.

Packed in packs of 25 each in a resealable, dry-proof stand-up pouch made from at least 50% renewable raw material. This significantly reduces the Co2 footprint!

An appealing label design underlines the exclusivity of the tea.

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Herbal Tea

The precious treasures of nature
are carefully prepared in our house and fine-tuned according to proven recipes.

Enjoy the power of herbs
and do something good for your well-being. You will feel better every day.
You will feel better every day.

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Fruit Tea

Wonderfully fruity creations.
Aromatic fresh, great taste!
Made from selected ingredients
Enjoy the delicious taste and delicious flavors of our diverse tea program.
You will be enthusiastic!

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Rooibos Tea

In the cup color of Rooibos
reflects the warm, copper-red color of the South African earth again.
The gentle aromatic taste
The rooibos conjures something of the sun, the earth and the joy of life of this unique landscape on your tongue.
Rooibos tea is always a treat!
Hot or cold. The tea relaxes and does not contain any Teein. Ideal for children.

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Green tea

Green tea
the slightly different enjoyment embodies the mystery and fascination of Far Eastern culture and way of life.

Good to know:
Green tea stimulates - but not on ...

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Black tea

Tea connoisseurs appreciate the typical taste of exquisite black teas and the variety of fine aromas.

The selection shown here only shows a small section of our assortment.

Do you have special wishes?
We are happy to make you an offer for other teas or large quantities.

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Ayurvedic tea

Maintaining or restoring the harmony of body and soul is the ultimate goal of the Ayurvedic teachings, which originated more than 3000 years ago in India.

Joy, vitality and sensuality
are the result of internal balance.

Ayurveda, the knowledge of life, always follows the principle of nature.

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Winther and christmas tea

Tea connoisseurs appreciate the variety
fine aromas and the typical taste of fine teas.
The selection shown here shows you only a small part of our product range.
Other teas on request.

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Tea equipment

This is how making tea is easy:

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