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Super Food

Groz Vital

Groz Vital product line without artificial flavors or dyes which was designed for different applications.

In the development of our Groz Vital product line, we have linked old traditional knowledge of natural medicine and in-house formulations with the latest scientific findings.

Because only the right combination allows an optimal effect.

In addition, by using state-of-the-art machinery and production methods, it is possible to gently process our Groz Vital product line so that valuable ingredients are retained.

Groz Vital Kau spice mixture

Thorough chewing of the grains and spices releases the essential oils in the mouth. Intensify fresh aromas by drinking a glass of warm water.

Swallowing the spices unfold their full-bodied features. The tasty mixes are preferably chewed after eating.

The litter spice blends offer a new taste for your


  • Groz Vital Atem Frisch
  • Groz Vital Hals Kracher-Kaumischung
  • Groz Vital Top Vital Herbs
  • Groz Vital ApfelPektin-Streumischung
  • Groz Vital Day Starter-Streumischung

Groz Vital Super Food

Groz Vital Super Food Superfood are natural plant foods with a high content of vitamins and minerals, as well as phytochemicals. They are therefore considered particularly healthy.

Groz Vital Super Food do our body a lot of good and bring variety in our diet.

Available for various application areas.

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