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Ansicht Abfüllanlage
Abfüllanlage Groz
Abfüllanlagen Groz


Herstellung Mischungen
Abfüllmaschine Teebeutel
Daniel Groz

Pharmacist Daniel Groz (1784 - 1837) brings his great expertise as a pioneer and founded in 1816 named after him company.

Several generations continued the oldest tea-making plant in Germany.
After the death of his father in 1971, Werner Richard Groz became managing director. Werner Richard Groz Geschäftsführer.

In 2016, his daughter, Ramona Groz, was appointed as another managing director.

Her younger brother, Emanuel Groz, has also been active in our company for many years. This ensures the continued existence of our traditional family business.

Historische Ansicht Daniel Groz Soehne
Ramona Groz

Ramona Groz

Emanuel Groz

Emanuel Groz

Werner Groz

Werner Groz

Delivery program

• Vegetable raw materials
• Mixtures of all kinds
• Conventional and organic

• Wellness products
• Dietary supplements
• Tea infusion bag
• Dried fruits and nuts
• Sweets
• Dry products

• Advertising material and gifts
• Portion packs
• Bottling
• Assembly
• Shipping service

• Almost all products are with company imprint and logo or in custom make available.

Call us.

High quality level

We source our raw materials and products from certified, reliable suppliers.

We have been working together with many partners for decades, with some even for more than a hundred years.

Our products are controlled by independent laboratories and accredited testing institutes.

This ensures the high quality level and ensures the conformity of the goods with the current food law requirements at EU level.

Friendly service

We offer you tailor-made service:

Friendly, competent advice

Best quality • Fast delivery

special mixtures • custom-made products

Do You Have Questions?

Development of new products

Realignment of existing products

Product conception

Demarcation issues food / pharmaceuticals

Free advice

We will advise you in the following areas:


Herbs and spices

Natural products



Dietary supplements



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