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pyramid tea bags

pyramid tea bags

Pyramid and pillow bags are the tea infusion bags of the future. Only high quality tea's come in the pyramid tea bags. and enjoy strong popularity.
They differ from conventional paper bags in form and material. The pyramid shape ensures the best possible development of the flavors and gives loose tea a lot of room to bring out.
Natural raw materials and biodegradable filter material do not affect the taste of fine teas in any way. That is, no negative taste of paper as with some conventional teabags.

Available in:

Loosely poured in cardboard box with thread and thread label

Packed in carton, doypack or as per your request

Pyramid bag with and without bag

Shoulder bag: individually printed, biodegradable film

Private label

Ideal advertising medium

Sachet's fragrance

Commercial kitchens tea bags

Minimum order quantity from 8000 pieces

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